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"All the Rave"   24" x 36" 

"Chippee"  20" x 24"

"Hootie"  30" x 24"

         The annual Sheep Festival in Ketchum, Idaho inspired the sheep portrait series. Since then, other animals with varying attitudes have called out to me to paint.                                         


"Hare, Hare"   40" x 30" 

​​​​​​Exhibitions ​TUCSON, AZ: Open Studio Tour, Mercado San Agustin, Main Library, Pioneer Building Lobby, Spring Artisans Tucson Museum of Art. 

KETCHUM, ID: Sun Valley Airport, The Community Library, The Open Room, Ketchum Sign Works, Artisans Invitational, St. Luke's Hospital & Silvercreek Realty.

Currently showing  Ketchum, Idaho:  The Open Room  360 First ave north 

Furry or feathered creatures found in groups or those not easily observed tend to end up on my canvas. I cannot seem to resist these stand outs of nature.

"Foxy"  20" x 24"