​​​boingoarts                                                 Oil PAINTING ARTISTS

"Bart"   30" x 24"

"Luminous animal portraits, powerful and simple"

"Oh Dear" 24" x 36"

"Bernice"   30" x 24"

Available as giclee 14 x 11

Illustration and photography have been a source of inspiration

in my paintings. I have been aesthetically driven in various mediums:

in print as a production artist at the LA Weekly and LA Style Magazine,

in Window display where design and materials stretch the imagination, 

in costuming working with fabrics and notions for theater, music video and film. 

​​This round, oil on canvas has chosen me.

Fine Arts major with emphasis on

Painting, Glassblowing

Photography, Figure Skating

Kent State University,

San Francisco State University,

Pima Community College